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Gordon Setter

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Breed characteristics
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Breed information

Name                         Gordon Setter

Other names            –

Origin                        Scotland

Size                             Large dog breed

Group                        Sporting dog breeds (AKC)

Height                       Males: about 24 – 27 inches (app. 61 – 69 cm); Females: 23 – 26 inches (app. 58 – 66 cm)

Weight                      Males : About 55 – 80 lbs (approx. 25 – 36.4 kg); Females: 40.5 – 70 lbs (app. 20.5 – 31.8 kg)

Color                         Black and Tan

Litter size                 –

Life span                  About 10 to 12 years

Black and tan setting dogs were first introduced in Scotland around 1620, but it was actually their latter presence in the fourth Duke of Gordon’s kennels roughly 200 years later that managed to bring them into prominence. The Castle Gordon Setter was a first-class hunter.

The Gordon Setter is extremely loyal and devoted to his family but tends to be suspicious when it comes to strangers, which makes him a good watchdog. He is mannerly and quite eager to please, but like all dogs he will take advantage if lax leadership is displayed by his owner and can become quite dominant and stubborn if he is not provided with a firm, fair and consistent training regime. An expert of the breed once wrote that if a Gordon Setter acts sorry for one of his misdeeds, he is probably more sorry about getting caught rather than for misbehaving. When put out in the field or in a competitive situation of some sort, he tends to be quite alert, fearless, intelligent, as well as capable. He is also a personal hunting dog, meaning that the Gordon Setter would prefer working nearby rather than far afield.

The breed has an attractive coat that is soft and shiny, and goes from straight to slightly wavy.  It is advisable that you brush and comb him two or three times per week in order to prevent mats and tangles. You must also trim the hair on the bottom of his feet and between his toes if you don’t want him to pick up debris during the summer and form ice balls during winter time. You can give him a bath every one or two weeks without drying out his coat in order to keep him looking nice and neat. Just make sure that you are using shampoo and conditioner for dogs and rinse thoroughly.

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