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German Shorthaired Pointer

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Breed characteristics
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Breed information

Name                         German Shorthaired Pointer

Other names            Deutscher kurzhaariger Vorstehhund, Deutsch Kurzhaar, Kurzhaar

Origin                        Germany

Size                             Large dog breeds

Group                        Sporting dog breeds(AKC), Gun Dog ( UKC )

Height                       Males: About 24 – 26 inches (approx. 62 – 66 cm); Females: about 23–25 inches (approx. 58 – 63 cm)

Weight                      Male: 55 – 70 pounds (approx.  25 – 32 kg); Female: 45 – 60 pounds (approx. 20.4 – 27.2 kg)

Color                         Black and White, Brown and White, Liver and White, Brown, Liver, Liver Roan

Litter size                 –

Life span                  About 12 – 15 years

Early versions of the breed date way back to the beginning of the 17th century, but the German Shorthaired Pointers of today were created, with the aim of being multipurpose hunting dogs, at some point between the mid- to late 19thcentury.

The breed is generally smart, friendly, and willing.They are very enthusiastic in absolutely everything they do without coming off as nervous or flighty. However, the GSP doesn’t like to be left alone, and it quite likely to develop separation anxiety as a result. Keep into consideration the fact that he is a house dog, and he won’t like it if you put him out in the yard or in a kennel. He will quickly fall in love with everyone in the family but is very likely to choose a special favorite.

The breed is highly trainable and if you show patience you can teach him almost anything.German Shorthairs generally have no problem and get on well with kids if they are raised with them. They are very energetic and make perfect playmates when regarding active older children, but they can be a little too rambunctious for toddlers.The breed can usually get along with other dogs and pets, but some, however, may be more aggressive towards members of the same sex and because they are hunting dogs, they also may display aggression towards small furry animals like cats or squirrels.

The German Shorthaired Pointer has a short, thick, water-repellent coat that is easy to groom and does not shed a lot. It is advisable that you brush it on a weekly basis with a firm bristle brush and bathe it only when needed. To make his coat gleam you can rub it with a towel or chamois.

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