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German Shepherd Dog

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Breed characteristics
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Breed information

Name                         German Shepherd Dog

Other names            Alsatian, Berger Allemand

Origin                        Germany

Size                             Large

Group                        Herding dog breeds (AKC)

Height                       Males: about 24 – 26 inches (approx. 60 – 65 cm); Females: about 22 – 24 inches (approx. 55 – 60 cm)

Weight                      About 48 – 88 lbs (approx. 22 – 40 kg)

Color                         Tan with black saddle

Litter size                 –

Life span                  About 10 – 13 years

Captain Max von Stephanitz, a career captain in the German cavalry, is the man responsible for having this fine specimen of a dog. He set a goal of developing a German breed that would be unsurpassed as a herding dog.

German Shepherds may appear aloof but they are not usually aggressive. They are reserved dogs that don’t make friends immediately, but once they do, they remain extremely loyal. When regarding his family the German Shepherd is easy-going and approachable, but when he feels even the slightest form of threat he can become quite strong and protective, which makes him a perfect watchdog. He is very intelligent, as well as trainable. If they are well trained and have had their fair share of exposure to children, especially when they were puppies, German Shepherds make great companions for kids. The same applies for other dogs and pets in general, as long as they were introduced to him in his puppyhood years.

Keeping into consideration the fact that the German Shepherd was originally bred with the sole aim of herding flocks in harsh weather conditions, it is only natural that his medium-length double coat protects him from rain and snow, and is very resistant to picking up burrs along with dirt. It is advisable that you brush the coat two to three times on a weekly basis. Bathing your German Shepherd too often will strip his coat of oils that are responsible for keeping it healthy and neat-looking, so you should only bathe it when it is absolutely necessary. It usually should not be that often, because despite having a notorious reputation of being quite the shedder, the German Shepherd actually manages to remain fairly clean and odorless at most times.

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