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Finnish Spitz

All about Finnish Spitz dog breed

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Breed information
NameFinnish Spitz
Other names Finnish Hunting Dog; Suomenpystykorva
GroupNon-sporting breeds
Height Males: about 17 – 20 inches ( appox. 40 – 50 cm); Females: about 15 – 18 inches (approx. 39 – 45 cm)
Weight About 20 – 35 lbs (approx. 9 – 16 kg)
Color Gold; Red; Red and Gold
Litter size
Life span About 12 – 15 years
Breed characteristics
Good for apartment 
Kid friendly 
Dog friendly 
Cat friendly 
Strangers friendly 
General health 
Energy level 
Easy to train 

This breed was originally created for hunting. Their job was to hunt the game and start barking when they found one. Nowadays the breed is considered to be wonderful and energetic companion.

Finnish Spitz is used as a companion dog mainly in America. This dog is considered to be the national dog of Finland, where it is known under the name Suomenpystykorva, which when translated means Finnish Pricked Ear Dog. When the breed arrived in Europe, the name was changed in Finnish Spitz, and the nickname Finkie is also well known.

Finnish Spitz Temperament

The breed is still widely used for hunting game mainly due to its unique hunting habits. This breed is a ‘point barker’. That means the dog follows the game, like a small bird for example, and when it settled on a tree, the dog starts barking to point to the hunter where the game is. Finnish Spitz likes barking so if you are planning to have one, you need to make a special training for teaching your dog to bark on a command.

Finnish Spitz is an energetic dog and it needs a lot of exercising. So it is not a good breed for families and singles that do not have the time and the desire to give their dog the exercise that it needs. For that reason it is also not recommended to take care of a Spitz if you are living in an apartment. It is not such a good idea to leave the dog alone in the back yard because it will start with its favorite activity – barking.

Finnish Spitz Training

The dogs of this breed are intelligent, strong-willed and independent. So it could be really challenging to train them well.

Grooming and care

These dogs have got double coat – the undercoat is soft and short, the upper coat is one or two inches long. The usual color of the coat is golden-red. You can bathe only when needed. Other grooming that the dogs need is nail care and dental hygiene.

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