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Field Spaniel

All about Field Spaniel dog breed

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Breed information
NameField Spaniel
Other names
GroupSporting; Gun dog
Height About 17 – 18 inches (approx. 43 – 46 cm)
Weight About 40 – 55 lbs (approx. 18 – 25 kg)
Color Black; Liver; Liver & Tan; Black & Tan; Blue Roan; Liver Roan
Litter size
Life span About 10 – 12 years

Field Spaniel puppy picture

Breed characteristics
Good for apartment 
Kid friendly 
Dog friendly 
Cat friendly 
Strangers friendly 
General health 
Energy level 
Easy to train 

This is medium sized dog breed which originated from England. They were used to retrieve on land or water. The Field Spaniel is a little bit larger than English Cocker Spaniel. Nowadays they still have their hunting instincts, but mainly they are family companions.


These dogs are well balanced, active and with very pleasing character. They are very intelligent, charming, playful, but also very independent. They are loving, loyal and definitely love to be around people. These are water-loving dogs so don’t be surprised if you find their water dish on the other side of the house.
Some Field Spaniels bond with only one owner but, in most cases all family members are their best friends. They are very good with kids and other dogs or pets. They are not guard dogs but will bark towards strangers.
They are very active dogs and need training and exercises, so they are suitable for active families which can meet their needs.


These dogs are moderately active indoors and they are not recommended for apartment living. They love to run so a large yard will be best.

Coat and Grooming

The Field Spaniels have a dense single coat (they don’t have undercoat). The coat is medium in length and could be flat or slightly wavy.
The coat color may varies: black, black and tan, liver, roan.
They are fairly easy to groom compared to the other spaniel breeds. The coat needs to be brushed regularly (once or twice a week).
Also check the ears weekly and keep them clean to prevent from infection.
Begin grooming your Field Spaniel when he is a puppy and make the grooming filled with rewards and positive experience.
Also while grooming check for signs of infection, sores or rashes.


The Field Spaniels is intelligent dog and he is very easy to train. He learns new commands and tricks very quickly.

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