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All about Dachshund dog breed

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Breed characteristics
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Dachshund is a breed that can reach 14-18 inches in height and about 9-20 pounds in weight. The lifespan of these dogs is approximately 12-15 years and due to the temperament they have – they are active, affectionate, outgoing and playful – that is why they are best suited for families with older children, seniors and singles.

This breed is also well known under the name ‘Weiner Dog’, but the actual name of the breed is Dachshund. And according to the difference that there is between the size of the coat, there are three types of Dachshunds – short-haired, wired-haired and long-haired. The appearance of the Dachshund is really easy to be remembered with its long and stretched-out body and little, short legs.

These dogs have long heads, long muzzles and strong teeth. Their ears are also long and really soft when touched. They are always friendly and happy, so they are perfect for lovable members of your family.

Breed information

Name                         Dachshund

Other names            Weenie Dog; Bassotto; Teckel; Sausage Dog; Worshond; Dackel; Sosis; Earth dog, Doxie

Origin                        Germany

Size                             Small

Group                        Hound (AKC)

Height                       Standard: About 8 – 11 inches (app. 20 – 27cm); Miniature: 5 – 7 inches (app. 13 – 18 cm); Toy: Less than 12 inches (30 cm)

Weight                      Standard: 11 lbs and more(about 4.9 kg); Miniature: less than 11 lbs (4.9 kg); Toy: About 8 lbs (app. 3.5 kg)

Color                         Black; Chocolate; Blue, Tan; Cream; Red; Chocolate and Cream; Black and Tan

Litter size                 –

Life span                  About 12 – 15 years

Dachshund Temperament or behavior

This is one friendly and affectionate dog, but it also has a bold personality and can become stubborn when it decides that wants something. Of the three haired types of the Dachshund, many believe that the long-haired is the calmest one. For such a small dog it can bark quite loud. These dogs are good workers because they have great stamina and energy and they love to dig. It is a great family dog, because it loves spending its time with the family members.


If you have such a dog you need to be careful with the daily intake because the Dachshund is prone to obesity. Don’t let it eat as much as it wants, and it is better to use dry food because it contains less calories in comparison to the canned food. And the other positive side of the dry food is that it is better for the dog’s teeth.


This breed is characterized with loyalty, so when you start training it this only strengthens the bond that you have with your dog. It should be properly train so that in the end you have a great companion and a wonderful family dog. You have to be strict because although the breed is not a difficult one to train, it needs firmness. To avoid developing a bit annoying habits like barking and excessive digging, the training should start early.

If you do not your dog to become stubborn, you need to properly discipline it, because of the fact that the Dachshund believes that it is the boss of the family, so you need to show it that the situation is not as it thinks. And you should not let your dog get bored otherwise it could develop destructive behavior. It must always have something to do and the best way to achieve this is to give it constructive toys and spend some time to make training works with the dog for housebreaking.

Common Health Problems

Even that the Dachshund is an overall healthy dog, it has some specific health problems that it is prone to. One of them is with the spinal disc, so to avoid an injury that may cause paralysis, you should not allowed your dog to jump from high heights. The other problems that it may have are with the urinary tract, diabetes and heart disease, so you need to ensure a lot of exercise to your dog

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the breed is from 12 to 15 years.

Exercise Requirements

The Dachshunds have a lot of energy and stamina but at the same time they love being lazy, and when you add that they also love eating a lot, if you are not careful you may find yourself with one obese dog. So you should ensure the dog lots of walking and playing. Running is not a good idea because the dog has got short legs so it is not a great runner.

Dachshund Coat and Grooming

There are three different coat varieties for this breed – short and long coated, and wire-haired. The short-haired one is with glossy and smooth fir. The long-coated Dachshund is with wavy hair and long hair on the tail. The wire-haired one is with rougher outer coat and softer undercoat.


Start early with your dog socialization so that it get used to your family members and other dogs and animals. And start training it from young age so that it knows who the boss in the house is.


The word ‘dachs’ comes from German, where the origin of this breed can be traced hundreds of years ago and it means badger. This breed was meant to be used for this sport because of its short legs that let the dog burrow deep into the badgers` dens and the sturdy tail that the Dachshund has gave the hunters the chance to pull the burrowing dog, grabbing it like a handle. And there was not also a risk to tear its skin because it is too loose and also the digging was efficient due to the large, paddle-shaped paws. So the small dogs were really useful when hunting rabbits, and for foxes and similar animals, the larger ones were used.

In the beginning of the 19th century, the breed became a pet dog. It was really popular in Great Britain. It was then when its size was reduced with ten pounds.

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