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Top 6 Halloween Dog Sweaters for Tiny, Small and Large Dogs

Halloween Dog Sweater - Bee

October 31st is coming very fast and if you are a dog parent, who love to dress your dog for Halloween, we have some dog clothing to show you below. You will love these dog sweaters, because they are beutiful, high quality and unique. But before you get one of these Halloween dog sweaters, you will need to take some …

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Best Toys for Bulldogs – Top Reviews

Best toys for bulldogs - picture

If you are reading this article, you either have or want to buy an English bulldog. Well, to put it in short, they are made for chewing things. And, since they love to chew stuff, you’d better not let that be the kitchen cupboard’s corner or the table’s leg. The Bulldogs have barrel chest. Their demeanor is gruff and their …

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What is The Best Harness for Boston Terriers

Best Harness for Boston Terriers - picture

“Should I buy a collar or a harness for my Boston terrier?” This is one common question that many BT owners ask. What is the best harness for Boston Terriers? This is another very common question.. And here we are going to answer them and also will give you lots of helpful tips. And also will help you to choose the …

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Best Toys for French Bulldogs – Top Reviews

Best toys for French Bulldogs - picture

Have you ever wanted to find a smaller dog than one that you have seen? One popular, although rare, dog that makes your wish come true is the French Bulldog. These species are linked genetically to the English Bulldog. Frenchies are cute and quirky. They have a playing style that is as adorable as them. And here we will review some …

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Best Harness for French Bulldogs – Complete Guide

Best harness for French Bulldogs - picture

How to choose the best harness for French Bulldogs? French Bulldog is one of the most appealing breeds, as they stole the hearts of millions, and there are many reasons why. Their modest size, playful appearance, loyalty and love, bring joy to everyone that approach near them. Here are our quick reviews for the Best Harness for French Bulldogs: A …

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Best Way to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Easily

By all means, one of the most annoying things about having a pet is having its hairs all around you. They don’t miss in the car, either. And dogs are usually those that leave pieces of their bodies in your car since they are more likely to be driving with you. Thankfully, kitties are more homey.. Anyway, you don’t have …

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Best Chew Toys for Labs: High Quality Dog Toys for Bored Labs

Best chew toys for Labs - picture

  Labrador Retrievers are by all means dogs millions of people love and prefer to take to their homes. They are strong and friendly, reliable, when it comes to keep the kids and the house safe, super smart, if training is a top agenda mission you’ve got with your future pet. Of course, like any other pet and dog specifically, …

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