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Dog Breeds

Teacup dogs

white teacup dog - pictute

What is a Teacup Dog? This is actually not a separate breed but a term that describes the size of the breed. And it is quite precise because the size of the dog is really amazing – you can put it in your palm and it looks like it is also large for the little dog. How teacup puppies are …

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Aidi dog picture

All about Aidi – dog breed information   More about Aidi dog breed comming soon!

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Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound - picture

Information Afghan Hound is a breed that can reach 29 inches in height and about 58-64 pounds in weight. The lifespan of these dogs is approximately 12-14 years and for sure this is a breed that makes impression – people can not help but turn their eyes when such a dog walks into the room. This is a happy and …

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