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Can dogs eat lettuce?

picture of lettuceIt is really popular for some time now to keep raw diets for your dogs. So more owners follow that trend and they have started feeding their dogs in such a way. Row food is actually good for dogs – it is healthy, it is delicious, most pets love having it as afternoon or evening treats, and in general there are no negative effects on dogs` overall condition or health. It is possible that your pet prefers both ways for getting its vegetables – they can be raw or cooked, and either way is great for them. When having such a diet, the dog receives the extra amount of minerals and vitamins that it may need and it is done under the form of getting a treat for good behaviour or something similar to that. As you know, vegetables and fruits are great food for people and for keeping them healthy, so they have got the same effect over dogs.

When you take one kibble bag and you read the content on the back side of it, you will notice that there are certain amounts of vegetables that present into the kibble portion. The better brand the kibble that you use is, the more vegetables you will see presenting inside its formula. Companies prefer doing that because dog’s daily intake of vegetables is as good as it is for human beings. But there is one important thing here – dogs can not eat every single vegetable as humans do, as well as it is with the sizes of the portions. So if you own a dog, you need to get interested which types of vegetables and fruit your dog can eat and which one it can’t.

Most people believe that dogs are actually carnivores and the only thing that they can and should eat is meat. But if you ask your vet a simple question – Can dogs eat vegetables, you will get an answer – Yes, they can, because dogs are omnivores. They resemble a lot to their relatives, the bears. So once you know that your dog can eat vegetables, you only need to find out which vegetables exactly it is possible for your pet to eat and you can start feeding it with small portions included into the daily diet.

Can dogs eat lettuce?

If you are specifically wandering about the lettuce – yes, your dog can eat small amounts of lettuce. Lettuce can be found in lots of areas and different countries and you can use it as a treat for your dog. Some other vegetables are more nutritional than lettuce but it is also healthy and has some benefits like containing low calories and giving balance to your dog’s diet.

Is lettuce good or bad for dogs?

Due to the fact that dogs are omnivores, eating lettuce is safe for them and it has a positive effect on your dog’s stomach when it suffers from constipation. But you need to be careful, because it is not good to eat too much lettuce because in big amounts of it can cause some digestive problems like diarrhea.

As you may find in conclusion, lettuce is safe for dogs and they can eat it if they like the taste. There are different varieties so you may try a few and see if your dog likes it. But there are better alternatives for vegetable treats because lettuce however is not so nutritious and necessary, and it needs to be taken in small quantities otherwise it may cause some problems. But if the dog wants to eat some, you need to be sure that the lettuce is always fresh, clean and there are no salad dressings on it. The preservatives that contain in those dressings can cause great harm to your dog.

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