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Best Toys for French Bulldogs – Top Reviews

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Have you ever wanted to find a smaller dog than one that you have seen?

One popular, although rare, dog that makes your wish come true is the French Bulldog.

These species are linked genetically to the English Bulldog. Frenchies are cute and quirky.

They have a playing style that is as adorable as them.

And here we will review some of the best toys for French bulldogs and French bulldog puppies.

Here are our quick reviews for the Best toys for French Bulldogs:

ToyPriceOur Rating
Snug Rubber Dog Balls - 3 Pack$
The Chuckit$
12-inch Standard Free Range – Grass Fed – Low Odor Bully Sticks$$
KONG Classic Dog Chew Toy$
KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy$
Trixie Pet toy$

For detailed reviews continue reading.. 

A few words about Frenchies

With a bloodline linked to the English Bulldog, the French one is the most impressive dog, genetically speaking. This bread has been developed by using terrier’s and plug’s elements as well.

The purpose of this combination was to create an “office” dog, which could be used for the morale booster during the times of the Industrial Revolution.

The result was a small and charming top-heavy dog with ears like a bat, with wrinkles on the face, with cute muzzle and beautiful expressive eyes.

They want to be always by their owner’s side. A Frenchie is a lovable dog, which (if properly socialized) can be an awesome companion for kids.

The bulldog always shows its affection towards its proprietor, especially if you show him you love him.

This breed is easy-going and are perfect for living in apartment, because they don’t mind chilling with you in front of the television.

Its coat is short and this makes it easy for grooming, so you will only have to brush it once in a while.

These, sometimes stubborn dogs, tend to think independently and are not very easy for training – you will have to try different techniques.

The easiest approach is to give them a lot of treats and to make the sessions funny – with some games or toys, for example.

Do not give up if your dog is giving you hard time – eventually, you will find the best technique to approach the training process.

The French Bulldog is a brachycephalic. This means that it’s face is flat and smooshed. Thus, do not be bewildered if you hear grunts, snorts or wheezes, which are meant either as a curse or as a blessing.

The breed, unfortunately, has a tendency to be gassy..:)

But if you don’t mind a few unpleasant moments, you will be gifted with a lovable and wonderful addition to your family.

A French Bulldog will always love you no matter what happens and will always try and find a way to show you its affection!

How French Bulldogs Play?

When it comes to playing games, the French Bulldog tends to act silly and goofy. But do not make the mistake of thinking that your dog is stupid.

Quite contrary!

It is smart enough to know how to make you laugh and would love to do it, no matter how much show should it put on – it makes it as entertaining for them as it is for you.

Your dog can be quite mischievous sometimes but it does not require a lot of energy to be kept satisfied. No need for long walks or tiring exercises for its entertainment.

Just make a couple of 15 minute walks every day and your dog will never be miserable. Watch out for the weather, though.

Extreme warm weather doesn’t go well with French Bulldogs, since the Frenchies are brachycephalic. So, during the summer, you should be very careful when your dog is playing outside because there is a possibility of serious issues – heat strokes, for example.

For the owners of swimming pools – you should exhibit caution.

If you have a French Bulldog, you should remember that the dog is top-heavy and cannot swim. If it falls into the water, it will sink.

Do your best to ensure that your Frenchie does not have access to the swimming pool or the area around it.

What are The Best toys for French Bulldogs (puppies also!)

Since French Bulldogs love their owner very much, the Frenchie will be more than happy to play with its human. Mostly, your dog will be completely satisfied if your provide him with different toys or play fetch.

They will play the above mentioned like their life depends on fetching the ball.


Although enthusiastic, this dog breed does not characterize with a lot of energy, so be prepared to make short breaks during playtime.

We already mentioned the grunting and the snorting – these noises will be more than enough when your dog succeeds in capturing the ball. Since the Frenchies tend to drool a lot, expect wet balls or sticks and keep a rag within your reach.

Avoid these Toys at All Costs

It was mentioned that French Bulldogs cannot swim. Thus, do not buy them toys that are designed for pool play. Although you might be able to use them in home, you’d better stick to the ordinary toys designed for dry land.

Frenchies absolutely adore playing fetch. With a little training they can even use a skateboard.  But still, they are not much of athletes.

That is why you should not buy them stuff that requires more physical activity – dog obstacles or Frisbees, for example.

If you have a French Bulldog, you will notice that he tends to drool a lot. Because of this you must not buy them toys for fetch that are made of soakable materials like cloth, for instance.

It might be pretty difficult to clean up after your dog if he continues to play around with a toy that absorbs his drool.

No, do not be mistaken,

you can still buy stuffed toys and your dog to toss around – which he will love to do – but avoid these made with thick fur or the ones that are made of too much plush.

Choosing Safe Toys and Chews for Your French Bulldog

This breed characterizes with wide mouths so they will be able to fit in them things that are much too large for them to swallow safely.

And, although smart, your dog will think he can swallow even the largest item, so you must be extremely careful for the stuff you leave ate your dog’s eyesight.

Even more, not every chewable toy is suitable for them – some types of them are more dangerous for the Frenchies than they are for other breeds.

If you provide rawhides or nylabone products for your dog to play with, only give them to him when you are able to supervise and never leave them at places your dog can reach if you are not at home.

Dogs love the baked pig’s ears but you have better not give your Frenchie some, because they ball-up when chewed and can easily choke the animal if he decides to swallow them.

The most suitable toys are these that cannot be chewed down and which your dog won’t be able to fit in his mouth entirely.

Stuffed animals are also a pretty good choice, since the Frenchies love cuddling – your dogs will adore those stuffed toys that have squeakers because they can be very entertaining.

Types of French Bulldog toys:

Throwables – these toys that are used for tossing or playing fetch

Chewables –the toys used for chewing and teething

Interactives –  the toys your dog can play alone with


One of the most entertaining games for your dog is fetch – they absolutely adore playing it. Every dog would immediately jump to retrieve the toy you have thrown.

Snug Rubber Dog Balls – 3 Pack

If you are considering buying a toy for your dog, you had better buy a ball, since the Frenchies are the happiest dogs on the Earth when they have the chance to chase a ball.

There are two reasons for this:

The first one is that you are throwing the ball

The second – that they have the chance to play, which always make the French Bulldogs happy.

The Snug Rubber Dog Balls – 3 Pack are versatile and that is why they do a wonderful job. They can be used both outdoors and indoors but, of course, you should not throw them at a very high velocity.

The material used for them is rubber. Thus, once the playtime is over, you will have no difficulties in cleaning the balls. They will only need to be wiped down and that’s that – they are ready for the next time.

Since they are not made of plastic, they won’t hurt your dog’s mouth.
Click Here to Buy from Amazon

The Chuckit.

If you haven’t made up your mind, here is another option.

This is a ball, as well, but it is very ordinary looking. It is designed to be easy for use and not hard for cleaning. You can use it outdoor and indoor, as well.

It is made of a 100% rubber that is resistant to puncture. So, you will have no problem with the ball, even if you handle it rough or expose it to the elements. That is right – you can have all of this with Chuckit! Max Glow Ball.

Produced in the USA, the Chuckit! is a high standard ball. It is designed with a thought about safety, entertainment and durability.

This toy will easily become your dog’s favorite one.

The price is not very high, so you won’t have financial troubles, if you buy this product.
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Chewables – The best toys for French Bulldog Puppies

This breed has a love to chewable things. This is even more valid for puppies.

The little Frenchies start teething when they are 4 weeks old. The process continues until every baby tooth is lost and every adult tooth has grown.

Giving your dog chew toys that are synthetic is not recommended at all.

You must have at your availability at least 3 chew toys – natural – (Cervidae antlers, Yak products, etc.) for one synthetic.

If you provide only synthetic chewables, this can damage your dog’s health. This dog requires chew toys which are hard and natural. That is to ensure the growth and maintenance of clean and strong teeth.

If you provide your dog with chewable toys, you will ensure a distraction from chewing object that can be dangerous (pieces of clothing, rocks and sticks, et cetera).

The breed is a nub nosed one. This means that the dogs’ mouths are wide, but their throats are small.

So, because of that, the Frenchies very easily can “bite off more than they can chew,” (not metaphorically speaking).

If this happens, the item can lodge in the throat of your puppy, unable to make it to the stomach. If the dog is gagging repeatedly, this might have already happened and you should immediately remove the object, which causes the problem.

Once your dog is older, he might have one or more missing teeth. This can lead to inappropriately chewing, so keep in mind that he might try to swallow something unchewed.

Another thing to remember, when the dog is still a puppy, his teeth might not be strong enough and the Frenchie might lose patience, which can also result in trying to swallow unchewed portions.

Wonder what chew toys to choose for your Frenchie? Take a look at our offers:

One safe type of chewables are bully sticks. Even more, they are loved by both puppies and adult dogs.

12-inch Standard Free Range – Grass Fed – Low Odor Bully Sticks

For a very decent price you can have a pack of twelve natural chews, which are strongly preferred by a lot of the dog owners.

Don’t they look thin? Yes, they do, but they are still able to provide an entertainment for your dog for more than a couple of hours.

This is very important fact to consider if you happen to need a lot of time for work or if you need to do something that cannot be delayed, but you want to keep your dog busy and happy.
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Himalayan Dog Chew, Mixed Pack 10.5 Oz. (contains 3 pieces)

One very durable and long lasting chew toy for dogs – that is the Original Himalayan Dog Chew.

These toys are made of caw and yak boiled milk, which was left for a several weeks to dry. This created a hard chewable toy.

To scrap off small parts of the Himalayan Dog Chew, your puppy must work its end for hours and to soft it in its mouth.

The toy has no preservatives – it is completely natural. Provides a chance for your dog to enjoy and authentic Himalayan cheese and to play in the meantime.

Be buying your dog the Himalayan Dog Chew you are ensuring that the Frenchie will have quality entertainment for hours at a time.

There are packages with different characteristics, like size, weight, quantity.

Only organic substances that are perfectly healthy are used for the production of this edible toy.

It consists of Cow Milk, Yak Milk, Salt and, finally, Lime Juice.
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KONG Classic Dog Chew Toy

Because of the materials these toys were made of (extra-soft rubber), they can withstand rough play for a lot of time.

They are produced in medium and large size both. Thanks to the use of five different rubber materials, you can buy them toys in dive different colors.

Also, the various models are with various softness.

First come the blue rubber (these are made for puppies) and the pastel pink, and these two colors are the softest ones.

Afterwards, you have purple rubber (for adult dogs) and classic red.

For a final, we can offer dark blue and black extreme.

So we can easily say that one if the positive things about this toy is its different colors. Plus, it is safe, long lasting and durable and, if you have a puppy, you can fill it with treats for him.

The toy can bounce unexpectedly when you throw it, which makes your dog playtime funnier and more entertaining.

This is not very suitable for older dogs, but mainly for little ones that are still teething.
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Soft toys

Another thing that your French bulldog would be happy to do is to toss around a stuffy toy. They love their stuffed animals and will often cuddle with them while sleeping.

KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy

KONG Cozies will drive your Frenchie mad with happiness.

The bigger version has an added layer of material and so does this Cozie, so it can last longer. There is also an added squeaker for more fun.

This toy is made of soft plush and your puppy will adore it because it is good for cuddling and licking.

If you have a kid, he or she might also want one of these wonderful KONG Cozies.

This toy is not a chewable one.

If your dog starts chewing it after he has finished playing, take the toy away from him.
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Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Dog Toy, Apple

Frenchies do not care how their stuffed toys look, as long as they can play with them.

So the Grriggles Fruit Friendly Dog Toy, that looks like an apple, will be still loved by your dog, regardless of the shape. It has quite a lot advantages.

One of them is the fact that the toy is made of plush, but isn’t with thick coat. So it won’t absorb the dog’s drool and will not get very wet. Another plus is the squeaker that is put inside.

The toy has also a durable outer layer that protects the Grriggles Fruit Friendly Dog Toy for a long, long time.

Its size is also a plus – your dog can flick the toy in the air and it won’t go too far. This will make it easier for your dog because he won’t spend a lot of energy and will be able to play longer.
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Interactive toys for Frenchies

Despite their intelligence, French bulldogs are also very stubborn (almost like a toddler). But they also possess a love for treats and for playing. For good mental exercise combined with reinforcement training we can offer some very interesting toys. They work by dispensing treats from their inwards to your dog while he deciphers how do the dog puzzles and the toys work.

Trixie Pet Products

4 different types of entertainment – that is what the toys have to offer.

Four games that are not only interesting, but will also support your dog’s mental development.

Included in the pack is an instructional booklet. With this you can find out how to train and challenge dogs through games, no matter if they are just puppies or already adults.

The toy offers 100% safety. It can be easily washed with the washing machine.
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Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Interactive game

One of the most modern interactive games is the Nina OttossonDogCasino Interactive game. Its maintenance is very easy and the game itself is very durable and long lasting.

With this offer you can easily train your dog to respond to commands as sit, find, go ahead, wait, et cetera.

We already mentioned the durability, but there is another plus – the game is easy for storing and carrying from here to there, so you can take it with you on your holiday.
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Your Frenchie will be filled with enthusiasm while playing with you, because the breed itself is designed for companionship.

French Bulldogs might not have much endurance, but they are more enthusiastic than most of the other dogs.

It is also very easy and funny to play with your French Bulldog, since he will make every silly act that comes to his mind in order to entertain you.

You will see funny excited body movements and trot that bounces around, you will bear the snorting and you will love that factor that you have such a wonderful and enthusiastic dog.

Encourage him to be happy and satisfied and to make you laugh by playing with him.

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