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Best Long Lasting Dog Chews – Keep your dog busy and healthy

It is quite often when owners wonder what type of long lasting dog chew is the best choice for their dog, and when they ask a specialist, they are surprised when the answer is that this is something that is pretty individual for each separate dog.

Here are our Choices for The Best Long Lasting Dog Chews

NameOur Rating
KONG Classic Dog Chew Toy
12 inch Standard Free Range - Grass Fed - Bully Sticks
Himalayan Dog Chew Mixed Pack
Redbarn - Natural White Bone Large Dog Chew
Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy
Balls 'n Bones Big Dog Braided Rawhide Rings for Large Dogs

Why long lasting dog chews are important?

Pug chewing shoes - pictureBut first of all we need to answer the question why the long lasting chews are something that your dog really needs. There are two main reasons for that – because these treats are great for your dog’s dental health, and using this type of chews keeps their gums and teeth clean. The other reason is that at the same time this is a great way to keep your dogs occupied, especially when owners have more than one dog at home and people need some time for doing some work without being distracted. This is something fun for the dog, playing with a long lasting chew is not only good for the dog’s health but it also reduces stress and the dog is much relaxed after that.

How to choose long lasting chews for your dog

When choosing your long lasting dog chew, you need to have in mind the size of your dog, how strong its jaw is and if your dog is an aggressive chewer. So it is not only the size of the dog that matters, but also the size of the jaw, as well as its specific attitude.

So there are different dog chews for the different-sized dogs, like for example Candy Cane, Curly Q, Hoof, Windee are great for small dogs. There are also some other types of chews that can be used – Knee Cap, Rib Bones, Pork Femur Bones. They are good for small dogs, and some of them – even for tiny and toy dogs, because they are light, not so big, and quite durable, almost like a real bone.

For medium size dogs, it is known that they have moderate jaw strength and they are using it for aggressive chewing. You need to be careful here and pay attention what type of dog chew you would give otherwise it could turn out to be a digestive hazard. The best is not to give something else but a beef bone. Here you can choose something like Braided Stix, Windee, Hoof, Bandit’s bone, Bully Bone, Crown Knuckle, etc.

When talking about large dogs, you can imagine the strong jaws they have, but you should be careful with long lasting chews because they are aggressive chewers and due to this energetic behavior they could do damage to their teeth. Here the owner can consider something like the twelve inches long Windee, Braided Stix, Jubmo Bone, Slammer Bone, Saddle Knuckle, they are all great bones for this big-sized dogs.

dog chewing shoe - pictureProviding your dog with a bone of his own or a treat for chewing is one of the best things that you can do for your dog. After all, dogs are heavy chewers and you have to think of their needs as well as to keep them occupied with something that is good and healthy for them. And there are lots of positive reasons for choosing the right chew. First of all, dental health is optimally improved – removes plaque, maintains gum health, keeps teeth whiter, diminishes bad breath and prevents from any potential dental problems that might be serious.

This could entertain your dog even for hours, providing good stimulating activity of his jaw as well as his mind. And this is something that is very important especially for older dogs when they are not so energetic with age. And while your dog is busy with such last longing chew, he will not be destructive and his innate urge to chew will be satisfied, and your furniture and shoes will be safe. These dog chews are also really good for young puppies that have teething pain due to the growth of adult teeth.

So let’s have a quick look at some of the best long lasting chews for dogs.

KONG Classic Dog Chew Toy

These toys are made from extra-soft rubber and they are one quite durable chew toy. Kong Classic dog chews come in several different sizes – medium and large ones. They are also made from five different natural rubber materials, which make them have different colors as well as being with different softness. The softest are the blue puppy rubber and the pastel pink. Then we have purple senior rubber, classic red and finally dark blue and black extreme.

So the color is one of the pros for this chewing toy, especially the pastel colors. Other positive sides are that it is durable, safe, and it can be filled with different treats for the puppies. Because of its specific shape it is also quite fun for the dog, because it bounces unexpectedly when it is thrown so it is not a dull exercise. Unfortunately this toy is mainly for younger dogs that still do not have their adult teeth. When having such teeth this chew should be thrown away.
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12 inch Standard Free Range – Grass Fed – Low Odor Bully Sticks

They come in a pack of twelve and are on a good price. These chews are natural treat, which is something that is preferred by most of the owners. They might look a bit thin, but can keep your dog occupied for several hours, which is quite important, especially if you have to do some work that you can not delay, but you need to take care of the dog at the same time – this chew will give you the couple of hours that you need.
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Himalayan Dog Chew Mixed Pack

This is a chewing treat for larger dogs, so if you dog reaches about 65 lbs, then this is a treat that might do you a good job. This is a product that is also offered in a pack, so you will have more then one when you need to satisfy your dog’s natural urge for chewing.
As you can guess by the name, these chews originate from Himalayas, they are natural, lactose free and healthy for your dog. They are hard and needs to be chewed on one of its ends until it softens, so they last for long and are full of great vegetarian flavour. These chews are one really good alternative to rawhide.
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Redbarn – Natural White Bone Large Dog Chew

Here is another natural chew that helps in keeping your dog’s teeth clean. You can find the natural white bones in different lengths and there is the possibility to stuff them with your pet’s favorite filling and they become a favorite combination of toy and treat. These white bones are of great quality and they can be used even for heavy chewers, if you have such dogs. They are of great value to the owners, because these chews last for a long time.
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Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

This is a type of bone that many dogs love chewing. Even though people can not smell is as well as dogs can, it has a wonderful smell and it does not leave residues on the carpet after dogs have been chewing it for a long time. And since it is not edible, dogs use it only as a toy, so if you have more then one dog they would not really fight for it. Because of the smell and the look of this long lasting chew, dogs think that it is edible so it keeps them busy for some time.
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Balls ‘n Bones Big Dog Braided Rawhide Rings for Large Dogs

Dog chews, having one interesting shape to play with. This braided design is the reason for which they last that long. It may be a bit heavy but it is made only of the highest quality ingredients. It has a nice flavor but it is not soaked by your furniture and carpet.
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But as a responsible pet owner you need to know that first of all you have to know your dog, then you have to read all the specifications of the different long lasting dog chews so that you can choose the best one for your dog. And after all, various dogs also have different taste. Even if a certain product is great for one dog, it could not be so interesting for another.

You need to buy quality chews. There are a lot of products that only imitate some of the products mentioned above and you might be quickly disappointed of the result. When you see a price that looks too good to be true, you need to stop and think if this is the original product you are looking for.

And the last advice is for the owners that have aggressive chewers at home. The best is not to leave the dog chew one toy or bone for too long. Chews become soften with time and would not last as long as you wish or they could become a bit sharp for your dog’ gums. If these toys are durable and safe also depends on the size, so heavy chewers is recommended to get bigger sizes.

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