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What is The Best Brush for Short Haired dogs

Brushing is a significant part of the dog grooming process. All dogs need grooming and brushing. And even though there is a massive illusion that only long-hair dogs need brushing, it is time for us to give you some really cool ideas and helpful tips on how to brush your short hair dogs. Indeed, you need to be sure that a short-hair dog requires proper brushing, too. And all the negative consequences of not providing such are the same the long-hair dog with no brushing at all will experience. Today, you will find out why it is so important to brush your short hair dog, as well as our hottest pick-ups for best brush for short hair dogs. So let’s get started now…

Why is hair brushing so important for dogs?

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Any grooming routine starts with brushing or if you prefer, it goes after fine bathing. In all cases, brushing is a significant element of the grooming program any dog needs. Speaking of which, the hair length only determines the way you brush (the specific movement you need to perform and the concrete tool type you need to apply), as well as the frequency of the procedure. The importance of brushing can be described with the comparison to a girl’s hair. If you are a woman with long hair you do know how painful it is to remain with a ponytail for a long time. Well, the same pain a dog feels when having its hair in mats. Mats can be very tough to deal with and if you do not start with a proper prevention, which means good grooming routine that includes brushing, you will definitely fail. And here is where the number one reason to brush your dog on mandatory comes: not letting it suffer from pain…

Health reasons are quite many, because brushing is not only prevention from mats, but also prevention of dirt, bad smell and even skin irritation. When it comes to decent brushing, the brush does remove the dirt from the dog’s coat. On the other side, brushing does provide a special calming and relaxing effect on the skin, which can be a good protection against irritation, skin dehydration and etc.
Brushing can be also described as a spa procedure for the dog. As we have already mentioned it brushing is a very calming and sometimes, even stress-relieving process for the dog. If your dog is either upset, or in a stress moment, you can always treat it with some brushing. Trust us it will make him very happy.

But to tell you the truth it is not only the dog that benefits from brushing. You as an owner will benefit from regular brushing, too. Not only brushing removes the nasty smell away of your dog, but also lets the fallen hairs on your favourite coach and carpet become less than ever. In all cases, the more often you brush your dog, the fewer hairs will fall.
However, all of these benefits depend on the way you brush your dog. And this is why we believe you are going to truly appreciate our next list full of specially tailored tips on how to brush your dog, including if it is with short hair.

How to brush your short haired dog

How to brush your short haired dog - pictureThe following tips are crucial to be followed, including if your dog is short-haired. They mainly refer to all type of hair lengths, but it is a must for all owners to consider their own dogs’ breeds, characters and coats individually. Still, these are the approaches to keep in mind in order to learn the right way to brush your dog coat:

* Brushing is a gentle thing
Do not push the brush too hard. Be as gentle as you can, because it’s not only the hair you affect and touch, but also the skin. As you might have already figured it out, dogs have extra sensitive skin, because in most cases it is dry. The harder you press on it, the more negative effects of the dehydration you will cause.

* Down and out – the right direction for dog hair brushing
Move down and out the brush, because, otherwise, not only infection or wounds on the skin, but also chaotic spread of the dirt all over the hair will be caused. Experts say that when you brush your dog this direction you also relieve the stress keeping the dog skin finely and gently massaged. And we have already discusses the amazing calming effect brushing has on the dog.

* Brush the dog as regularly as the hair length is
So if today, our topic is the short hair, you need to remember that as an owner of a dog with such hair, you should not go too far with brushing either. It is logical that dogs with longer hair will require more regular brushing. Yet, it is on mandatory to brush your short-haired dog at least once per week.

* Before or after bathroom – when the right moment for brushing is?
Unlike the rest of the grooming chores you have with your dog, brushing can be made both: before or after bathing. However, if your dog has mats or the hair is very hard to be brushed, better leave the brushing routine after bathing. It will be easier for you to brush it fast.

* Use conditioner in advance, if needed
Some dog owners – including those, who have dogs with short hair – prefer to apply conditioner in advance. Well, there is nothing bad in this. On the contrary – it is beneficial for the dog skin and hair to be conditioned once in a while and if you mix it with careful and gentle brushing, the positive effect is double.

* Can I brush my dog, myself, for sure?
It is not hard at all. The point is that sometimes, the hair or the skin is in such a bad condition that it takes professional skills to deal with it. In most cases, mats are the worst problems, as well as the dehydrated skin that needs specially tailored brushes that are hard to be found in regular dog grooming accessory stores.

How to find the best brush for short hair dogs?

And yes, finding the right brush is the factor number one to provide your dog decent and proper brushing. When it comes to short hair dogs, of course, there are some specifications to consider. This is why we believe you will appreciate the next tips, too. And they are all concerning the right approach to find the best brush especially for your short haired dog:

1. Bristle brushes are ok, but you should better consider medium bristle brushes. These types are made to meet short-hair dog’s needs and going through their coat with gentle and relaxing move is guaranteed.
2. Brush from head to toe in the direction the hair grows. In this way you will avoid any unnecessary irritations or wounds that are very possible for sensitive skin some dogs are typical with.
3. Consider getting a slicker brush. Many owners of dogs with short hair prefer this type of brush mainly because it has the special feature to remove all the dead cells from skin, as well as to finely eliminate the fallen hairs without leaving them sticking into the coat.
4. Rubber brushes are the most modern brushes for dogs with short hair. They are made specially to provide that typical relaxing massaging effect above all the rest of the positive effects from brushing.
5. The paws and the tail should be also brushed. We tell you this, because many people forget about them leaving the dog not entirely brushed. The more often you do this, the less problems your dog will have.

The list of the best brush for short haired dogs

Ok, now it is high time for us to name you our hottest pick-ups for the best brush for short hair dogs. Please, note that we have made our homework in advance and we have customized this list after a long-term research, including after asking real consumers what brushes they rely on, when it comes to their short hair dogs. So here are the best suggestions…

KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Brush, Boysenberry by KONG

According to what real users say this brush is not exactly the best hair removal tool, but for sure it is dogs’ favourite massaging instrument. This is a brush with a great potential when it comes to solidness and long-term use, as well as very suitable item to use right in the bathroom. The rubber body makes it fully reliable, so humidity will not damage the brush at all. You can use the brush with your favourite dog’s shampoo and combine bathing and brushing in order to save time, as well as to make your dog get used to the procedure faster – very beneficial for the least short-hair dogs that are scared and stressed out by the routine yet. The brush can be used for all dog breeds and according to the specialist it also affects the skin positively.
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FURminator Curry Comb

Represented as the Terminator among all of today’s rubber dog brushes, this model is a fantastic choice for you if you look for a stable grooming routine for your delicate dog. FURminator Curry Comb is suitable for both: short- and medium-hair dogs, but you can definitely test it even on your long-hair dogs, because some users tend it works. The design is customized to remove dust and loose hair from your pet. It has molded rubber teeth, which is an innovative approach into stimulation of the production of natural oils. Eventually, such a process inside the dog’s skin makes the coat healthy, too, and can be even beneficial against sensitive scalp or allergic reactions. The ergonomic handle is super convenient. We strongly recommend the brush to all newbies in dog grooming, because it is simple to be worked with.
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FURminator Dog Deshedding Tool

The same company that has made the FURminatorCurry Comb has recently released the FURminator Dog Deshedding Tool that is even a greater way to groom your dog leaving its coat in top condition and without torturing it with any painful procedures. This tool is a totally awesome innovation both new and experienced short-hair dog owners will love from the very first attempt to brush their pets. Even though designed with the idea to provide professional results, you can use FURminator Dog Deshedding Tool in domestic conditions, which is a fantastic way to save yourself some money and time. The patented technology behind this amazing tool promises to reduce shedding by up to 90%/ The design is handy and modern: the tool comes with a classy stainless steel, but of course, its main idea is to give your dog the double formula to gently remove loose hair and to massage its sensitive skin.
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PRODogs Pet-It Boar Bristle Brush for Dogs

And here is one very affordable and budget-friendly alternative for you to brush your short-hair dog at home and to bring it a lot of pleasure while eliminating the excess of coat on your brand new living room furniture set. PRODogs Pet-It Boar Bristle Brush for Dogs has a special compact design that easily fits in the palm of your hand. It is 100% reliable, when it comes to spreading the oils in thedog’s coat. The main idea of the brush, though, is to preserve the shininess of the dog’s coat, which, trust us, is an easy task for you when handling the tool. Last, but not least, apart from its cheap price, the brush is also very solid and the bristles are soft enough not to harm your dog’s skin, but yet to do its job.
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FURminator Dog Dual Brush

When it comes to FURminator, the options you have as a consumer a lot, so we just cannot skip another suggestion from this well-known and reputable company. We present you the miracle called FURminator Dog Dual Brush. Even though looking not that special as the previous pick-ups from FURminator, this one is close to miracles, because for little money you will have 100% trustworthy tool for brushing that most professional groomers have in their saloons. The thing is that FURminator Dog Dual Brush is made to follow natural contours of pet’s head and body. Plus – it has a very efficient formula for fast mat elimination, so finally, this will be neither yours or your dog’s problem. In addition to these, the tool has pin brush on one side and a bristle brush on the other, so you can switch from one to another depending on the current needs your dog has.
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PetmateFurBuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove for Dogs.

If you are looking for a brush that is handy, efficient, low-cost and suitable for all the benefits a brush can bring to your dog, this one might be the best choice to make. The different heads it comes with lets you either massage, or to remove the hairs. The next moment you can switch to shiny coat mode if you have recently observed that your pet does not look as classy as it was the moment it left the professional grooming saloon the last time. Actually you don’t need to visit this place anymore, because you have PetmateFurBuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove for Dogs. Plus – there is something amazing you need to know about this brush. Not only suitable to be used in the bathroom while you are washing and conditioning your pet, but you can also apply the tool when you want to quickly dry its coat. The special material the brush is made of encourages the drying process. Last, but not least, PetmateFurBuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove for Dogs has adjustable wrist strap to keep it secure that is a good thing for you if you are a newbie in dog grooming and brushing, particularly.
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Whether you are going to buy any of the suggestions we have offered you or you will only take the benefits of our tips to find the best brush for your dog, its short-hair coat needs your attentive cares. Please, do not underestimate your brushing responsibility, because at some point it brings emotional pleasure to your dog, while in the meantime, it serves some really important health roles. Also, be gentle and regular in your short-hair dog brushing. If you follow our guides and the brush you will buy is really reliable, your dog will be both: happy and with super shiny and healthy coat. And this is a thing every dog owner, after all, wants, doesn’t he

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