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Akita Mixes: Akita Mix Breeds with Pictures

Akita Mixes - picture

Here is a list with the most popular Akita mixes. But before that lets say a few words about this great breed. When we talk about Akita dog breed, there is one circumstance in its origin we need to discuss at first. The thing is that there are two theories about Akita breed type. According to one of them there …

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Airedale Terrier Mixes: Airedale Terrier Mix Breeds – Pictures

Airedale Terrier mixes - picture

Airedale Terrier is one beautiful, popular and friendly Terrier dog breed. It is typical for its smart look, elegantly folded ears and super cute nose. This dog breed is definitely extremely nice to kids and full of energy, just like a kid, to share with its owner. Airedale Terrier is relatively easy to train which makes it a great choice for …

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Can Dogs Eat Mint Leaves? Is Peppermint Safe or Bad for Dogs?

Can dogs eat mint? - picture

Growing your favorite herbs is a key, as you can easily go to your backyard and pluck of a few of them. You can even grow different herbs in a pot in your kitchen. If you have dog, things get a bit trickier, as for it, you are its best friend and spending more time together is all it wants. …

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Best Brush for Border Collies: Brushing Tips and Reviews

Best brush for Border Collies - picture

Well, as any other breed Border Collies also need to be brushed and if you are owner of one you already know what I mean. But don’t worry! This article is about best brush for Border Collies, so you are at the right place. Also, We will share lots of awesome brushing and grooming tips which will help you to …

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Best Harness for French Bulldogs – Complete Guide

Best harness for French Bulldogs - picture

How to choose the best harness for French Bulldogs? French Bulldog is one of the most appealing breeds, as they stole the hearts of millions, and there are many reasons why. Their modest size, playful appearance, loyalty and love, bring joy to everyone that approach near them. Here are our quick reviews for the Best Harness for French Bulldogs: A …

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Can Dogs Eat Apricots? Are they Good or Bad for Dogs?

Can dogs eat apricots - picture

Can dogs eat apricots? Is it safe to feed my dog with them? One of the most important thing you need to provide your dog as a strict and devoted dog owner is a good and balanced food diet. It means you need to be 100% aware of both: what your dog loves eating and what is good for your …

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What is The Best Shampoo for Australian Shepherds

Best shampoo for Australian shepherds - picture

Best shampoo for Australian shepherd? For all the adventure junkies out there, the Australian Shepherd can become the best addition to your travelling crew. Even people who just like to go on a walks will have an amazing buddy that will change the way they view the world. One thing that every Aussie owner can assure you is that, in …

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Best Brush for Huskies – How to Brush your Siberian Husky

Best Brush for Huskies - picture

What is the best brush for husky? One of the best breeds out there that have pretty good hygiene habits are the Siberian Huskies. Although, they take good care of themselves with licking every part of the coat, it needs some extra work in order to be well maintained. If you want to keep your Husky’s coat looking sleek, pay …

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Best Shampoo for French Bulldogs: Tips and Reviews

Best shampoo for French Bulldogs - picture

What is the Best shampoo for French bulldogs? We all know that human’s appearance might alarm for anyone’s health condition. And hair condition is definitely a good sign whether you are in top health, or you have some issues either with a certain organ or with an entire system in your body. Well, things aren’t that different with dogs, by …

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Best Brush for Australian Shepherd. How to brush an Aussie?

Best brush for Australian Shepherd - picture

  What is the best brush for Australian Shepherd? The Australian Shepherd is a breed known for loving being somewhere outside and exploring the beauty of the world. As every other dog, the Australian shepherd adores to roll in the mud, and pile of leaves, as they stick to the coat and are real struggle for some owners to remove …

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